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   BioScience GmbH is a German manufacturer of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid. Quality, duration and training are our key pillars in maintaining the growth of our medical brands. We only collaborate with expert partners concerning product design, research and manufacturing. We are certified according to ISO 13485 and in conformity with health, safety & environmental protection standards for products sold within the European economic area (CE 2409).


   Since 2006 BioScience has been pursuing the development of innovative injectable fillers for the optimization of existing treatments and the development of new methods in different medical disciplines. The aim in all areas is to optimize composition, mechanisms of action and injection protocol in such a way that the patient’s quality of life is improved. Products based on crosslinked hyaluronic acid have shown great results in other fields, such as urology, orthopedics, gynecology, general surgery and dentistry.

      BioScience has 3 lines of aesthetic fillers:HYAcorp, Genefill and HYAprof, which are distributed worldwide. Treatment with any product is non-surgical and is carried out under local anesthesia. The results are visible immediately and there is no down-time required for the patient.

     Our fillers give a natural shape and volume enhancement for the face and body without the use of implants. Our scientists have developed the patented thixotropic technology, which allows the gel to become less viscous under pressure (injection force) and immediately return to original viscosity when the pressure is no longer applied. The gel’s molecules are covalently bonded, meaning they remain in the tissue for a longer duration. The special structure of our HA molecules also reduces the diffusion rate of the enzyme hyaluronidase, resulting in a smooth homogenous and long-lasting gel. All our products are endotoxin and BDDE free and originate from a non-animal source.


IMAAC  2108.12.7--12.9


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